Coffee Club with Doug

07 Apr, 2021 . 4 minutes

·  What’s weekly life like in a senior sales role at APEXX?

Very busy! A lot of the trends have switched over to ‘online’, throughout my career it’s stemmed from traditional payments such as Point of Sale customer presence to technology now. There’s been so much tech innovation, from in-app purchases, to alternative payment methods. It’s been a great year.

· If you could write your own job title that best describes what you do here, what would it be?

Wearing multiple hats, in multiple environments, helping customers to the best of their ability, and teaching them things they may not know about their business.

An average week in my role is growing Apexx’s brand, and my own personal brand. I’ve been in payments for 16 years. It’s important to continue to grow our platform through networking, and attending and speaking at various events and seminars. My main focus is generating new business with companies globally. It’s not a traditional UK, or mainland Europe role, its global and my network growth has been phenomenal.

Wherever there is a customer that needs help I have the flexibility from APEXX to support a merchant to grow.

· What are the values that drive you?

Integrity is something I’ve realised is very important to me. I believe my customers would always go with someone they trust.

Honestly and Integrity are naturally in my characteristics. If I was on the receiving end of a salesperson, I would always want someone to be honest and upfront with me. Over the years it’s paid off as people have wanted to work with me again. I always go out of my way to help people.

· Has the pandemic had a big impact across the payments sector and your role at APEXX?

It has impacted for sure, however, it’s gone the opposite way for APEXX. Payments has seen a rapid advance in technology and adoptions from SME – Corporate. People are moving online. We’ve seen a great increase in demand from the hospitality sector that are needing the ability to take payments offering online ordering.  Furthermore, other sectors such as Gambling, Gaming and Travel have seen a lot of traffic increases also, due to multiple lockdown measures globally and the desire to have fun or plan for a trip in 2021/2022.

· What do you like most about working at APEXX?

The list is endless! I’m genuinely so proud to work at APEXX. Having the close proximity to our Founders, and them keeping us up to speed with company information is second to none.  If you work for a large conglomerate, you wouldn’t receive the same airtime with the leadership team which is what I like about working here.

Ideas are bounced around internally, and things get done quickly. This echo’s through to our technology. I’m not talking single acquirers and APM’S, our clients are global.

We have an open-door policy that I love! There’s no one I can think of throughout the business that doesn’t have an open door and welcoming attitude. You can call anyone, and they will welcome you.

·  What’s your Archetype? (I asked Doug to complete an archetype psychometric test for fun. His results came back 42% performer, 33% Athlete, 25% caregiver)

I’ve played piano for 25 years, and I’ve performed in several shows, and I’m a published artist on Spotify. I love musicals and power ballads. It brings a smile to people’s faces, I hope.

· What volunteering or passion projects do you do outside of work?

I’m part of the PTA at my son’s school. I’ve been doing it for 4 years, and I care greatly for children, and regularly conduct fundraising activities around this. I was actually the first man to join our PTA in the last 10 years. My love for Travel has seen work alongside many great businesses during my career and recently I’ve been nominated to hopefully become a board member for the Institute of Travel and Tourism. The support internally from “Team APEXX” has been amazing.

I’m also a coach for my son’s football team Maidstone United Under 8’s.

APEXX is brilliant when it comes to flexibility around family life. If I didn’t have a company that offered ‘Flexi Work’ I wouldn’t have the time to fit in these extra causes I care about.

·  What do you predict for payments in the next decade?

It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s more acquisitions and mergers, especially following the pandemic. Companies will want to expand their footprints, similar to the Fiserv & Worldpay mergers.

Also, I think more challenger banks will emerge and increase their suite of products. Another big trend will be QR code adoption. It’s something that didn’t quite take off, however, with a lot more people using contactless interactions I think QR Adoption in hospitality be it in-app purchases or scanning tables for picking up bills will be more heavily adopted.

And the last one is crypto. I believe Bitcoin and other crypto currencies will take off more. There are more regulations which I think will generate a new payment chain.

·  What’s your top 3 podcasts or books?

As a salesperson watching The Wolf of Wallstreet film was hilarious, however, reading Jordan Belfort’s book the Way Of The Wolf: Straight Line Selling has taken me by surprise. I’ve actually drawn a lot of similarities to it. The mindset that sat behind it is surprising and I’ve taken a lot from it.

Next, I like the professional footballer Tony Adams’ book Addicted. He gives great insight on coping and dealing with everyday life versus success.

Lastly, the Rebirth of the Salesman by Cian McLoughlin, the book articulating the need to understand your own characteristics and how to evolve them.

Thanks for your time Doug, it’s always a pleasure speaking with you.

Published by Katie Williams

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