Coffee Club with Seema F

16 Dec, 2020 . 4 minutes

Meet Seema,

Our Social Butterfly and secret Artist who by day runs our Channel Partnerships division as Vice President Channel Partnerships in our UK team.

  • What is your role, and talk to me about your responsibilities and day to day life at APEXX?

My role is Vice President of Channel Partnerships. I create strategic partnerships within the business to help build the sales funnel and broaden our value proposition. I do this whilst building brand awareness/credibility. Since joining I have implemented a referral, reseller, and affiliate programme which are the three different ways we currently engage and work with our partners.

My role allows me to extract valuable insight into our target markets through partner engagement. With our versatile approach we can utilise this to effectively practice our company values becoming merchant centric whilst staying one step ahead of the market.

  • What types of partners do you manage? Can you share any exciting names?

Yes. Some of our partners include ‘Volt’ and ‘Vyne’, which are both Open Banking solutions. We launched a successful PR with Volt in Q2 which helped our value proposition reach a wider audience and bring introductions like High5 Games, Paddy Power and Betsson.

In 2021, I am very excited to launch our partnership with Enterprise Payment Solution which will allow us to facilitate B2B card payments bringing a new dimension to APEXX – watch this space!

  • What’s the best thing about working at APEXX?

It’s like marmite working for a start-up, you love it or hate it, and I love it! I love the autonomy that comes with my role. I have the freedom to design how I work, build, manage and grow relationships with our partners. Every day is a different day for me – one week I can have engaging tenacious partners who are delivering, and the other week could be non responsive and flat – it’s all part of the process!  

APEXX has found a gap in the market. When you look at some of our competitors, they can suffer from legacy issues which acts as a major barrier for innovation. In an already disruptive market, it's clear to see that APEXX have recognised the value of taking those shackles off and empowering their people to think outside of the box – nobody wants to be a sheep!

  • What type of support have your peers given you throughout your time at APEXX?

My peers have been immense. In the world of start up’s, you build a family style relationship as you are growing something from scratch. When times can get stressful or challenging it’s important to get some internal therapy with a venting session lol!

Collaboration is a massive part of my role and it's always easier when you have genuine professionals around you switched on and ready to go.

  • How have you found it working in a Partnerships role which normally would involve working with people but having to work remotely throughout lockdown?

I like being in the office, I feed off energy, so mentally having to adapt was not getting me excited. The challenge for me at the beginning of lockdown was to maintain the levels of engagement with peers and channel partners prior to Covid. I decided to set myself up an office environment – with whiteboards covering every wall – I have to transfer what goes on in my brain onto the walls to see the vision – I have learnt to adapt. This has help me balance work/home life.

  • Do you think you will change the way you work moving forward?

I really miss the social element of seeing my peers and partners, so once the government restrictions ease, I look forward to getting back in the office with the team and being out with our Partners I want to spread my ‘Social Butterfly Wings’… the interim I will settle for virtual socialising aka drinking.

  • There seems to be a lack of Women working in Tech. Can you give any advice to Women wanting to move into the Tech sector?

I personally feel it’s a stigma that needs to be dissolved. There are so many platforms around women in Tech to help empower and recognise the impact of their work. I think if anything the women who survive and thrive in such a male dominated environment end up having the most resilience slowly carving gender equality.

APEXX have hired some fantastic senior female hires recently and we are aiming to get more. We have a strong mixed team. At Apexx it doesn’t matter what your gender is, if you’re good at your job you will do well. I would love to be involved in public speaking (with some much-needed lessons) at future events involving Women in Tech.

  • What keeps you motivated and inspired?

Naturally with my role money is a big driver. Also, outside of work I have an interest in property development, cooking, family, football (arsenal fan) and a passion for Art. I love to cook – and I love playing host. I’m an Artist and I paint. I create a lot of life drawings, people, and portraits. It would be a dream to know that I can be successful in my career at Apexx, whilst having my Artwork commissioned into a gallery.

  • Do you have any words/motto’s you live by?

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”

Thank you, Seema.

If a transition into Fintech or APEXX sounds interesting to you then why not check out our careers page here

Published by Katie Williams

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