The APEXX Surcharge Inspector is the first tool of it’s kind. It allows merchants to inspect every processed transaction for applicable surcharge on an individual basis and to charge the maximum applicable amount in real time.

How to Surcharge in Safety

Applying surcharges to consumer card payments has been banned in the UK since January 2018

It is permissible to apply surcharges to corporate and non-EU cards

Applying a fixed rate which runs the risk of either overcharging or leaving money on the table

The APEXX solution offers merchants a real-time dynamic look-up on the allowed surcharge-able amount for any card type on a transaction-by-transaction basis

This allows merchants to prevent overcharging and breaching EU Law, and prevent undercharging and leaving money on the table

The APEXX Surcharge Inspector can typically offer ROI of 20x

BIN LookUp

Within a transaction the card number provides the necessary information to do several things:

Identify the Card Scheme the card is associated to:
  • The Bank who issued the card
  • The issuer’s country
  • The funding type of the card (credit, debit, etc.)
  • The type of card (consumer, commercial, etc.)
  • The level of product (standard, premium etc.)

BIN LookUp

The way the Card Scheme is identified is done through the BIN, the Bank Identification Number. Each Issuing principal member gets assigned one or multiple BIN’s. In the past the BIN would consist out of the first six-digits of a PAN (Personal Account Number / Card Number). However due to the increasing number of Banks the number of available BINs is running out, that is why the Card Schemes have been making changes in the allocation of BINs over the years (introduction 2-Series and allowing multiple product allocation on a single BIN. So we can no longer assume that the first six digits of a PAN, instead we need the full PAN to do a BIN lookup.

How Does it work
BIN Lookup

A BIN Lookup goes through the following steps:

  • The submitted PAN is used as the input in an Account Range Query, where the PAN needs to be between an Account Range Low and an Account Range High
  • The result will provide the BIN number associated to this PAN
  • The BIN is used to do a full BIN Lookup to extract the necessary information from the relevant Card Scheme Databases
  • The extracted Data is added to the Authorization Message
  • The Authorization Message is submitted to the Card Scheme
  • Card Number

    2221 0012 4312 5456
  • Account Range Low

    2221 0000 0000 0000
  • Account Range High

    2221 0099 9999 9999
  • BIN

  • BIN Details

      "scheme": "Mastercard",
      "BIN": "222100",
      "funding": "Credit",
      "issuer_name": "HSBC UK",
      "country_code": "GBR",
      "product": "Corporate",
      "card_type": "Standard"

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