Global BNPL Connectivity

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APEXX Connect Architecture


APEXX Connect makes the world of BNPL available through a single API Integration. Adding new providers and products becomes a configuration exercise not a development one.


APEXX Connect is available via server to server, hosted payment page, hosted field and client-side encryption integration methods.


APEXX will ensure all major upgrades to providers’ solutions and platforms are delivered on APEXX Connect reducing the maintenance burden for our customers.


APEXX will consolidate settlement reports from each integrated BNPL and provide our customers with a single standardized file to ringfence operational efficiency.


APEXX Connect will support the Industry adapt to regulation by providing the realtime information you need to make informed responsible lending decisions. Protecting the Consumer, Protecting the Merchant, Protecting the Industry.

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BNPL is a transformative but fragmented landscape for E-commerce merchants


Without proper orchestration, Merchants offering multiple BNPL solutions at checkout face significant integration, maintenance and operations overhead to manage 1:1 settlement and reconciliation sources.

Simplified End-to-End Processes

Merchants offering multiple BNPLs to cater for diverse customer bases, do so at great cost. APEXX Connect offers a single integration point with managed technical upgrades and consolidated reporting to ensure a multi-bnpl offering is done so efficiently and sustainably.

Standardized Reporting

Your BNPL Payment Performance is available to you in a single Analytics platform which gives you the tools to benchmark your providers performance, understand who is bringing you and your consumers the greatest value at checkout.

Single API to the World of BNPL

The world of BNPL is evolving faster than any other area of payments with regional and national providers showing exceptional growth and increasing diversity of products. Offering the right solution in the right market is a tangible competitive advantage for the online retailer; expand your global horizons with APEXX Connect.

Respecting Consumer Loyalty

Your BNPL Payment Performance is available to you in a single Analytics platform which gives you the tools to benchmark your providers performance, understand who is bringing you and your consumers the greatest value at checkout.

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APEXX Connect gives merchants the power to overcome their BNPL challenges


Merchants will connect to a single API with zero field replication to access all current and future BNPL propositions available on APEXX Atomic. BNPL providers are rapidly scaling and enriching their product propositions, APEXX will manage a continuous upgrade roadmap to ensure Merchants have an up to date connection.


APEXX Connect facilitates Plug’n’Play enablement of new providers and products to help Merchants stay abreast of evolving geographic and demographic consumer trends and preferences.

Our advanced BNPL Analytics enriches the merchant experience with consolidated, transparent, performance reporting giving you the tools to compare your providers, optimize for cost and conversion and deliver the best possible checkout experience.


APEXX Connect also safeguards operational efficiency when launching a multi-bnpl offering by consolidating settlement files into a single standardized report that meets the needs of our customer.

APEXX Connect  

A curated ecosystem covering 40+ markets


Initial engagement to go LIVE was only 3 weeks.   Clearpay partnership has driven 90%+ new to file customers for Marks Electrical.

Clearpay is their leading BNPL, contributing to over 10% of overall checkout.

The future of APEXX Connect

A roadmap designed for optimization and enhanced merchant control.

Pay Later Button

APEXX Aggregator allows Merchants to embed a single ‘Pay Later’ button to drastically improve checkout and payment page design where multiple BNPL products are available to a customer.

Customised Presentment

Product presentment may also be dictated based on transaction value, volume allocation, cost, region, time, consumer preference (based on historical data) and probability of acceptance

Collection Services

Building upon our settlement file consolidation, APEXX will soon be offering our customers collection services to simplify the flow of funds from their chosen BNPL providers

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