AVON partners with APEXX Global to increase payments efficiency and boost digital strategy

20 Aug, 2020 . 4 minutes
  • AVON partners with APEXX Global to provide a payment solution for Representatives.

  • As part of AVON’s Open Up and Grow strategy, AVON is digitising the Representative and consumer experience.

  • New digital tools empower and enable Representatives to earn flexibly across their social platforms.

AVON has partnered with APEXX Global (“APEXX”), the multi-award winning global payments platform, to provide a payment solution for Representatives across many of its markets. This will empower Representatives to better engage with consumers across geographies using social media and digital tools and is a critical part of AVON’s Open Up and Grow strategy.

APEXX will provide a Payment Orchestration Layer, enabling AVON to select the most suitable payment method for Representatives across different countries. APEXX securely processes transactions via globally recognised payment methods, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and Android Pay, in addition to market specific options such as Dragonpay. This allows Avon to provide a seamless and integrated payment service to consumers. APEXX also provides an end-to-end service which drives cost synergies and improves payment conversion rates.

This partnership fits perfectly with AVON’s strategy to Open Up and Grow. A key focus for the team is the digitisation of its business, using a combination of technological approaches to support Representatives and to further open up access to its loyal customer base. This digital transformation marks a significant shift for the company, as it seeks to increase opportunities for Representatives and optimise the customer experience.

AVON is committed to providing a suite of digital tools that make it easier for Representatives to run their business, and to grow their business. Key initiatives include digital brochures that can be shared via instant messaging apps, Representatives’ own ecommerce AVON Stores and a one-stop-shop mobile app that allows Representatives to receive and place orders and share content on their social channels.

APEXX’s Global payment platform will further modernise and simplify the Representative journey at AVON. The solution will initially be deployed in 16 countries around the world, starting with Egypt in October and quickly followed by Portugal, Greece and the Philippines. 

Nick Burton, VP Digital Platforms & eCommerce for AVON International, said: “Accelerating our digital strategy is more critical than ever as the new normal we find ourselves in means that our consumers are increasingly looking for new ways to shop and connect, while our Representatives are looking for new ways to operate. Relationships are at the heart of our business and improving payment processing means our Representatives have more time to spend offering the personalised beauty advise their customers are looking for.”

Rodney Bain, Co-founder and Managing Director of APEXX Global, said: “I’m delighted to announce that we have partnered with AVON to provide a payment orchestration layer solution to Representatives across 16 countries. AVON is an iconic business with an impressive legacy. We are excited to be a part of its digital transformation, empowering Representatives to better access and engage with customers, boosting conversion rates, increasing sales growth and creating a seamless – and enjoyable - payments experience for Representatives and customers alike.”

About AVON

AVON has been doing beauty differently for over 130 years. AVON is a company that connects people, using the power of beauty to transform lives for the better. Millions of independent sales Representatives across the world sell iconic AVON brands through their social networks, building their own beauty businesses on a full- or part-time basis.  Avon stands for gender equality, and we believe in listening to women’s needs, speaking out about issues that matter and creating positive change. Through AVON and the AVON Foundation we’ve donated over $1.1billion, with a focus on tackling gender violence and breast cancer. AVON is part of the Natura &Co Group.  Learn more at www.avonworldwide.com.

About APEXX GLOBAL (www.apexx.global)

APEXX Global is a multi-award winning global payments platform that combines acquirers, gateways, shopping carts and Alternative Payments Methods into a single marketplace and one-stop solution for Enterprise/Tier 1 merchants. APEXX builds an integrated and transparent service that manages the authorisation, processing and optimisation of transactions.

APEXX takes an agnostic approach to partnerships, working with many different solutions providers across the payments industry. Our approach creates a more efficient and cost-effective solution that cuts through the complexity of e-payments and leaves behind legacy technology systems. Our mission is to help businesses grow by reducing unnecessary costs, increasing conversion rates and simplifying the payment execution process.

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