Build vs Buy- Payment Orchestration

01 Oct, 2023 . 4 minutes


The decision of whether to build or buy a payment orchestration layer can be a challenging one for many businesses. On the one hand, building an in-house payment orchestration layer allows companies more control and customisation of their payment processing system. On the other hand, engaging with a third-party provider like APEXX Global can provide businesses with a ready-made payment orchestration solution with built-in security, risk mitigation, and the expertise of payment processing specialists.

In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of both options and explain why working with APEXX Global can be the perfect solution for your payment processing needs.

The Pros of Building a Payment Orchestration Layer:

Building a payment orchestration layer can be a good solution for large corporations or businesses requiring specific payment processing systems customisations.

The benefits are as follows:

1. Control and Customisation:

Businesses can tailor their payment processing system to meet their specific needs and ensure it integrates with their existing infrastructure. They can also make changes or enhancements to the payment orchestration layer at any time.

2. Long-Term Cost Savings:

Companies can save money by building their payment orchestration layer instead of purchasing it from a third-party provider. They can avoid the additional costs of licensing, maintenance, and support fees.

3. Ownership of Intellectual Property:

Companies own the intellectual property for their payment orchestration layer and can use it as a competitive advantage.

While building a payment orchestration layer can be beneficial, it comes with its drawbacks, including:

a) High Upfront Costs:

Building a payment orchestration layer from scratch requires substantial upfront investment in time, money, and resources.

b) Technical Expertise:

Building a payment orchestration layer requires a team with specialised technical expertise in payment processing, which can be difficult and costly to assemble.

c) Limited Features:

Creating a payment orchestration layer from scratch can result in a payment processing system with limited features and functionality compared to off-the-shelf solutions.

d) Increased Security Risks:

Creating a payment orchestration layer requires adhering to strict security standards to protect sensitive customer data. This can expose security risks from errors and potential security breaches.

Purchasing a payment orchestration layer is often the best solution for businesses to streamline their payment processing and provide an enhanced payment experience to their customers.

Here are some of the advantages:

a) Speed and Ease of Implementation:

Working with a payment orchestration specialist like APEXX Global provides businesses with a pre-built payment orchestration layer with all the necessary features and capabilities. This solution allows for a much-speedier implementation process with minimal downtime.

b) Access to Specialist Expertise:

APEXX Global's experienced payment processing specialists provide businesses with a wide range of expertise, allowing them to access the most advanced payment processing systems.

c) Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics:

APEXX Global's payment orchestration layer provides extensive reporting and analytics, allowing companies to track performance, identify trends and opportunities, and make data-driven decisions.

d) Reduced Security Risks:

Purchasing a payment orchestration layer from a trusted provider like APEXX Global ensures that security threats are effectively managed, protecting sensitive data at all transaction routing and payment processing levels.

e) Lower Total Cost of Ownership:

APEXX Global payment orchestration solutions have low implementation and minimal maintenance costs. This means businesses can focus on their core operations or revenue-generating activities, reducing total ownership costs.

At Apexx Global, we have designed our payment orchestration solution with our customer's needs at the core, providing custom features and configurations to meet specific requirements.

The advantages of working with Apexx Global include:

1. Flexibility:

We offer both the capability and the scope to integrate specific needs and develop customised features that meet every business's unique needs.

2. Proven Expertise:

With decades of industry knowledge, we have proven our expertise and knowledge in delivering world-class payment processing solutions across various Airlines, Travel and Retail

3. Advanced Features:

APEXX Global's payment orchestration solution is packed with advanced features that meet the ever-changing demands of today's consumers, making it a cutting-edge solution for businesses both globally and locally.

4. Reduced Costs:

Our solution is designed to help businesses save money and optimise their payment systems effectively. We pride ourselves on offering our solutions at a competitive price without compromising quality and functionality.

5. Rigorous Security and Compliance:

Our payment orchestration solutions adhere strictly to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) that protect sensitive information, giving our clients and customers peace of mind.

6. Unmatched Support:

APEXX Global has a team of dedicated customer support specialists on hand when required, ensuring that your payment processing system can run smoothly without interruptions.

In summary, while building a payment orchestration layer might seem tempting, working with APEXX Global often provides a more comprehensive and tailored solution that meets long-term needs effectively. Our payment orchestration solution is designed to provide businesses with flexible, customisable, and cutting-edge payment processing systems with simplified integration and unmatched customer support.

So why not contact us today to see how we can assist in transforming your payment processing and enhance your customers' experience?

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