Work from abroad scheme, What’s that?

09 Feb, 2022 . 4 minutes

At APEXX, we constantly strive to improve our employee satisfaction and benefits. We looked at improving our work-life balance and introduced our amazing work from abroad scheme. 

Our UK office alone is home to over thirteen different nationalities, some of which have families based outside the UK. Giving our employees the opportunity to work from abroad, without having to use their annual leave, is a great benefit our employees can utilise. In a world where digital nomads and hybrid working is the new norm, giving our employees the option to work from abroad two weeks per month seemed like the best way to enhance their benefits. Hear what our Compliance & Risk Analyst, Alberto Cerda-Ortiz has to say about our work from abroad scheme: 

“I am originally from Spain and having the option to work abroad, for two weeks of the month, has given me the ability to spend more time with my family. This hybrid working model has provided me with a better work–life balance; I can visit my family and enjoy festive seasons like Christmas or Easter without using too much of my annual leave. I also get to enjoy most of the UK bank holidays with my friends and attend important events that I have been missing for many years, such as weddings or special celebrations. 

I feel that having this flexible way of working makes me more focused, and enables me to work more efficiently and I get to have more meaningful time with loved ones. We all  know how challenging the COVID situation has been over the last two years. At times, being far away from your family and friends is not easy, so having the option to stay closer to my loved ones during the lock-down has been an incredible support throughout these difficult times. 

I love that we also have the option to go into the office,  attend social events and interact with the wider team. This has made me feel like APEXX Global is the right place to have the best work-life balance.” 

- Alberto Cerda Ortiz

If you are interested in our amazing work from abroad scheme and want to know other benefits we offer, please visit our careers website. 

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