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We enable enterprise customers to access the entire global payment ecosystem via a single, trusted, and scalable platform.

APEXX Analytics

The APEXX Analytics reporting facility is the most powerful and customisable tool of it's kind in the world. The key to amazing and precise data analysis is powerful mapping and visualisation. Our backend analytics is founded on these two principles, and can instantly render and illustrate billions of transactions instantly in a comprehensible format. This gives merchants powerful and meaningful insights to their business.


The APEXX model is built on the understanding that one size does not fit all merchants. In order to get meaningful data visualization from your payment provider the ability to customise is essential. This is one of the key benefits of APEXX Analytics. It delivers an unrivalled ability to change your backend analytics to represent the data points that are meaningful to your business, giving you a single snapshot of all the important aspects of your payments performance whilst excluding extraneous data that is unimportant to you


APEXX Payment Analytics extracts, prepares, integrates and deliver your payments data in an easy-to-use User Interface for both online and in-store transactions, providing you the insights you need to manage every payments related aspect of your business.

In addition to this it enables you to map the performance of every integrated acquirer, PSP, and APM in a seamless interface allowing direct performance comparison of your providers in real time. This, in turn, gives you the data required to direct you transaction to the most beneficial provider possible.


Every transaction that passes through the APEXX Gateway represents a data rich opportunity for merchants to better understand their customers, their markets, and their business. The aim of APEXX Analytics is to give merchants the ability to aggregate, order, and understand the data that is collected and retained through the APEXX Gateway.

The more you can understand about your customer as a business, the better you can function as a business. The APEXX Analytics platform aggregates essential information such as amount, currency and clearing status, as well as collecting metadata like customer and device information, geo-location, issuer country, token information which can then be filtered and produced in customisable reports.

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The APEXX Payment Orchestration Platform is the last integration you will ever need

Lowest cost
We structure ourselves to operate in the most efficient way. We are not an additional cost as we take the place of the payment gateway.
Lead in Orchestration
We enhance the payment experience by driving up acceptance rates thereby reducing friction and lost sales for our Merchants.
Excellent Customer Support
The APEXX Payment Orchestration Platform is architected to the highest industry standards of security and support ensuring that our merchants have the best protection and support access at all times.