Coffee Club with Charles & Pretty

31 Jul, 2023 . 4 minutes

Hello readers,

As July, the national intern month, dawns upon us, we are excited to dedicate this blog post to our talented interns at APEXX. Today, we have the pleasure of chatting with two of our recent interns, Charles and Pretty, as they share their experiences and insights during their time with us.

Intern Profiles:

👤 Pretty: "I'm interning in the Infosec department."

👤 Charles: "I'm working in the People department, and I'm absolutely loving it.

"A Journey of Firsts:

Katie: "Is this your first internship? If so, what made you consider an internship over permanent work? If not, how does this compare to others?"

👤 Charles: "This is my first internship. I wanted to gain initial experience across all aspects of HR to see if it was definitely a career I want to pursue, and it is!"

👤 Pretty: "I've completed an internship in India, but unfortunately, the knowledge transfer wasn't great. At APEXX, I've had so much support, and I'm constantly learning. I've had exposure to audits such as PCI DSS, which has been great."

One Sentence Summaries:Katie: "If you could sum up your internship in one sentence, what would it be?"

👤 Charles: "Busy, exciting, collaborative, and like a big family."

👤 Pretty: "I agree, everyone is so welcoming here. It has an open-door policy.

"Challenges and Takeaways:

Katie: "Can you describe your biggest challenge & biggest takeaway at APEXX?"

👤 Pretty: "My biggest challenge was working on our PCI DSS audit. It's complex, and there were so many things to consider, but I enjoyed having the exposure and supporting my Infosec team, and we successfully passed it."

👤 Charles: "I can describe both of these in one. My own confidence was a challenge; I was nervous, but working here has boosted my confidence and developed me as a person.

"Balancing Workload and Exciting Projects:

Katie: "An internship can cover a broad range of topics. How have you both managed to balance your workload?"

👤 Pretty: "We have scrum stand-ups every meeting where we run through our priorities, which keeps us on top of everything."

👤 Charles: "Strong communication and using good old lists."Katie: "What has been the most exciting project you've had exposure to at APEXX?"

👤 Pretty: "Working with our offshore teams is exciting. Too many things to choose from."

👤 Charles: "I was involved with the office move, and it was something completely new to me. It was a huge relief when it was finished, but it was great to see how happy everyone was when they saw the new space and how it's brought the team together. Also, working with the team on our culture calendar is one of my favourite parts of the job.

"Motivation and Inspiration:Katie: "What keeps you motivated and inspired?"

👤 Pretty: "It's so cool to see such an open-door policy. I love that our CEO sits on the office floor with us and hot desks. It's such a collaborative environment."

👤 Charles: "Having a workforce that's supportive keeps me going. Also, seeing how well APEXX has come is inspiring.

"Fun Facts and Famous Doppelgängers:

Katie: "Tell me something I don't know about you?"

👤 Charles: "I can ride a unicycle, I studied Martial Arts for five years, and I also used to be a gymnast."

👤 Pretty: "I grew up on a cattle farm. I had thirty cows who kept me busy during the Covid lockdown."Katie: "If someone famous could play you in a movie, who would it be?"

👤 Pretty: "Priyanka Chopra. I admire her achievements."

👤 Charles: "Jack Whitehall. Because I'm awkward like him and I try to cover it with humour."

Thank you, Charles and Pretty, for sharing your internship experiences with us. We appreciate your dedication and hard work during your time at APEXX. Your insights have given us valuable glimpses into the exciting world of internships and the inspiring environment at our company.

Stay tuned for more stories and updates from APEXX!

Until next time.


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